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Uncover insights about your assets and production flow.

Capability Statement

Our technology is applicable to the mining sector for asset inspection, monitoring, and automated reporting. This includes deployment of a suite of sensors, cameras, and instrumentation to gather data. We pair this with perception and learning algorithms to enable insights to be drawn by aggregating this data and identifying key patterns.

We can configure any vehicle or robot with a sensor suite, and stream data from these assets. Our learning algorithms can process this data to distill the data so that useful knowledge can be extracted.

In addition to asset inspection, camera data can be used to monitor volumes of materials in stockpiles, and perform photogrammetric surveys.

We consult on these technologies and are system integrators for them. Let us help you achieve excellence in your operations by fusing data capture instrumentation and learning algorithms.

  • Uncover hidden insights about your production with advanced analytics.

  • Track assets using colour or thermal vision. Monitor stockpiles.

  • We can mount sensors on any vehicle, or use data captured from any robot.


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Data-Driven Decision Making

Camera Asset Inspection

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