Manufacturing Solutions

Guide robots with vision and algorithms to enable smarter decision making on the factory floor.

Capability Statement

We provide robotics and machine learning consulting and system integration to manufacturers. We combine data-driven insights with data captured from hardware in the field to enable productivity improvements. More specifically, pairing industrial equipment and robotic hardware with sensors and perception algorithms.

We facilitate the implementation of advanced robotics, machine learning, and data-driven manufacturing technologies. We bridge the gap between authentic customer needs, emerging research, mathematical models, industry trends, systems implementation, and deployment of scalable automation solutions.

We provide a service offering for the installation of components, equipment and processes. and algorithms. Physical components include collaborative robot arms, autonomous mobile robots, and machine vision solutions.

We augment the physical installations with software capabilities including robot vision, optimisation algorithms, and machine learning algorithms. We integrate machine vision solutions into the robotic systems and tailor them to meet your organisational needs.

  • Uncover hidden insights about your supply chain using advanced analytics.

  • Consolidate information from disparate sources to improve flexibility and resilliance.

  • Improve supply chain robustness robotic hardware, vision systems, or learning algorithms.


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Data-Driven Decision Making

Robotic Manufacturing

Machine Tending

Part Vision Inspection

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