Logistics Solutions

Cyber-Physical Systems to improve supply chain productivity on multiple fronts. Data-driven decision making to analyse production flow.

Capability Statement

There is an abundance of data prime for collection in logistics operations. The position and identities of all items and materials, the position of vehicles, the states of conveyors, data streams from automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) systems, the states of automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) systems, the contents of storage bins and shelves.

Our capabilities traverse the cyber-physical domains from end-to-end. This ranges from equipment installation, to tailored algorithm development, deployment, and integration.

We facilitate this data collection process with sensors and instrumentation. We pair cameras with machine learning algorithms to recognise goods and extract tailored information related to their location, appearance, motion, geometry, or other physical properties.

Moreover, we can augment your material handling with autonomous mobile robots. These robots can navigate according to a map, and pick up goods from designated locations.

We integrate data streams from these sources and fuse them all together. We deploy Machine Learning algorithms to identify patterns from all of this data. Providing you and your operators with useful information for monitoring and improving your processes.

Let us help you achieve excellence in your operations by fusing data capture instrumentation, with robots and learning algorithms. Logistics Data

  • Use cameras to track inventory on shelves or pallets.

  • Uncover hidden insights about your supply chain using advanced analytics.

  • Use autonomous robots to move materials around warehouses.


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Data-Driven Decision Making

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Bin Picking & Palletisation

Camera Analytics

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