Problems We Solve

Robotic Perception

We enable robots and machines to perceive the world, through vision and other modalities.

We have experience developing novel perception algorithms.

This includes vision algorithms that are trained to identify objects in images, and classify actions in video sequences.

Convolutional Neural Network

Streaming Data Pipelines

We enable you to model your operational activity.

Streaming data pipelines and digital twins enable you to model and visualise your operational activity.

Fuse information from sources such as plant instrumentation, vision systems, and positioning systems to gain a holistic view of your plant. Visualise dynamic interrelationships and interactions between your operational assets.

Digital Twin

Machine Learning Algorithms

We train algorithms to uncover latent patterns embedded within your data.

We train machine learning algorithms to refine raw data into useful information.

We train these algorithms to maximise a set of tailored objectives to yield new perspectives about your operations.

Digital Twin

Data-Driven Industrial Automation

Capture data from sensors in your plant, use learning-algorithms to determinine hidden patterns and inter-relationships between sources of raw data, and enact operational changes based upon the insights.

These insights illuminate the inner-workings of your operations from a new perspective. Combine these insights with your own instincts to achieve operational excellence.

Data-Driven Industrial Automation

Who We Work With

We're a strategic technology partner for industrial businesses. We help our customers adopt robotics & machine learning technology.


Leading manufacturers need robust processes and systems to succeed - We help manufacturers adopt novel industrial capabilities. Improving their productvity & adaptability.

Innovation for Manufacturing


Fuse information from instrumentation, vision systems, and positioning systems to gain a holistic view of your logistics operation. Automate repetitive intralogistics tasks with autonomous mobile robots.

Innovation for Logistics


Visibility of your operations is critical for mining operations. We capture data from sensors, and train algorithms to identify objects in imagery. We aggregate & fuse this information to uncover latent patterns which yield new perspectives about your operations.

Innovation for Mining

Consulting Services for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Manufacturing, Logistics, Mining

Want to know how robots can enhance the productivity of your industry? We augment robots and machinery with cameras, sensors, and machine learning algorithms. Thus, enabling your machines to perceive visually, and you to attain a holistic view of your industrial operations from the data-driven perspective.

Whether its on a factory floor, in mechanical plant, or in a logistics centre. Our machine learning solutions can enable you to see your operations from the data-driven perspective. Your application and situation drive the needs of any consulting solutions we suggest. This is not a one-size-fits all approach. Each solution is custom designed to your specific needs.

Robotic Grasping

Data-driven Industrial Automation

Recognising Patterns in Data To Enable Smarter Machines

Talk to us today about your application. Improve productivity with robots which learn, adapt, and improve.

We'll show you how machine learning can help you achieve operational excellence in your industrial business.

Industrial Data Capture and Analysis

Advanced Analytics for your Industrial Application

Pair your sensors with machine learning algorithms to uncover hidden insights about your plant.

Pair cameras with tailored algorithms to extract information from visual scenes. Analyse objects on shelves, pallets, or conveyors. Automatically infer physical attributes about parts and materials (quality, defects, type, position, colour, orientation, shape, motion).

How We Work

We help with the Thinking + the Doing

When we partner with you, we become an extension of your team. You get engineering capabilities to plan and implement solutions in the domains of robotics and machine learning.

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Initial Contact
Solution Delivery
Solution Delivery
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Our Capabilities

Robotics Consulting

Design of adaptable robotics solutions for the Manufacturing, Logistics, and Mining industries.

Camera-based Perception

Specialty with learning-based machine perception. Teaching machines to perceive their environment through vision.

Machine Learning, Signal Processing

We train models to recognise patterns in real-time from video, audio, and sensor streams in your plant.

Robotics System Integration

Collaborative robotics solutions, and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions. Palletising, machine tending, or other robotic solutions tailored to your needs.

Tailored Sensing and Perception Solutions

Tailored sensing solutions to capture, montior, and analyse your industrial processes. We facillitate end-to-end integration between the industrial sensing hardware, and tailored algorithms for advanced analytics.

Autonomous Mapping and Inspection Services

Use robots to create 3D point cloud maps of your worksite. Our software can analyse the environment to uncover new insights.

Advancing Australian Industries

We facillitate the adoption of industry 4.0 in Australian industries through our robotics and machine learning consulting and systems integration.

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